Thursday, April 14, 2011

How To Take In the Sleeve

So, for the next installment of the how to tailor series, today we're going to talk about:

How to Take in a Sleeve on a Jacket

This is actually a picture of the local orchard because I had no pictures of jackets and sleeves that I really liked. Also, I'm sure anyone that has experience with sewing is looking at this post and wondering why I thought this validated an entire post to taking in a sleeve. Well...that's a good point, I realize, as I type this just now.

Since, to my shock, this was surprisingly very, very easy. So easy that you don't really need any pictures, but just a reference on my last tailoring post.

How you do it is to pull that jacket inside out, pull the lining back and take out the hem (which you can find more detailed instructions for here)

It will look like this:
Now, before you've taken it out, you've figured out how much width you want to get rid of, take that width and devide it by two, now measure that much past the seam (it's in red in this picture)
and then stitch right there with your sewing machine, it's super simple! I had two seams instead of one, so I took my measurement and divided it by four, which worked just fine. Try it on, see how it feels, if it's not taken in enough just go back and resew it until it feels right.

After, put your hem and lining back by redoing what you took out, and you have a finished jacket and everyone will think it just came that way.

Now some jackets are stitched with a double-stitched serger or something...if it's a funky seam-line then there's a different way to do it, but if the seam is just a simple single-stitch then this method will work just fine, and it's just another step along the way of learning Sewing Magic (because I'm still at the stage where sewing is magic)

I promise something more exciting for the next post, since I just removed the collar of this ugly jacket and replaced it with a completely new collar...

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